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The story begins


Back in early January I (Kevin) had an amazing conversation, well over a couple days, with Asher. It was a conversation that really started on a Saturday night that continued to Sunday morning.
Here is the background to this conversation: throughout December we had nightly devotions that centered around orphan-care.
On Saturday I was scratching his back at bedtime, and he asked me “can we save an orphan.” I answered “of course we can, and we can do anything you want to help them.” His immediate response was “we need to get them a house.” I pointed out how they would still need a mommy and daddy, and Asher was quiet and said “okay.”

Fast forward to this Sunday morning and Asher said “we could bring orphans to our house and they could live with us.” I asked where the orphans would sleep and his response was “I will sleep on the floor and they can sleep on my bed.” Then he proceeds to tell me the orphans names we are going to adopt Sarah is first, then Gerald, then Jacob. Now I cannot say we will end up adopting 3 children nor are their names going to be Sarah, Gerald, and Jacob, but this coupled with the prayers of Lora and I over the last 3/4 years, and a recent article I read on the other side of adoption has convinced me that now is the time to start the process of bringing home our next child.

There are numerous things we have yet to figure out. We have not started creating a dossier, we have not had psychological workups done (God be with that poor psychologist he/she will have their hands full with us,) or had a home study completed. We have not gone through an adoption course that is required for international adoptions. We have at this point submitted an application with “Adoption by Shepard Care,” and have an interview set up for Thursday 4/4/2013. With all that being said we know there is a child in Colombia we are being called to make a part of our family. Really the only things we have figured out are we are going to adopt, and if we have a preference we would choose a girl (therefore until we know otherwise I will be referring to the child as a she.) So please take a moment and reflect “Selah,” and pray with us for this little girl and pray for us as there are many obstacles we will have to overcome to bring this little girl into our family.



  1. Jennifer Myers says:

    Where there’s a will there’s a way. You most definitely have a will and now you are on your way. God bless you and your family on this journey of Love.

  2. Beautiful! Ps – we have a son named Asher aswell πŸ™‚

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