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I know that so many have asked us for more updates on how things are going. I wanted to take some time tonight to answer this, broadly, and with care.

The truth is that things have gone very poorly, and very unexpectedly. The adoption has been disrupted and we will be headed home soon. She was never legally adopted by us, so it’s not a dissolution. (For the first 7-10 days that you have a child in Colombia for the adoption process, you are considered like foster parents to them).  After what is called, “integration” the adoption decree can be issued.  We did not get past this point of integration.

I do not want to get into specific details, as they are incredibly sensitive and traumatizing to many involved. Those closest to us know what has happened and I would like to keep it this way to protect the children.

When we accepted J’s referral, we believed that we were getting the full report on her needs. However, there were 4 major, extremely significant differences that led to the adoption disruption. These matters were all very unpredictable and in some cases, unsafe for the boys. Additionally, we were not home study approved for these very specialized needs.

All of this to say, we are going to be taking some time off from posting on social media. We need to heal, rest, recover, and keep our world small.

For all of my days, I will think of her and pray for her. We still love her. She is so so so worthy of adoption! She needs a family without other small children.  It has been an incredibly stressful last 2 weeks.

Regarding our adoption process in the future, we do not know what we will do; however, we will not do anything any time soon. However, many of our grants cannot be dispersed to us because this adoption was not completed. This is not great for us now of course, but the grants could be applied to a future adoption.

Finally, thank you for all of your support throughout this process. We ask that you would continue to support us now as well, with our new and unexpected reality.IMG_5231