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7 years ago

Fundraising Thermometer-We are about 75% funded-this is our last quarter!



7 years ago, I was anxiously anticipating the arrival of my first born child. loraAsher I remember feeling excited and nervous, but hopeful.  We did not find out the sex before birth, but I was hoping for a girl.  When Asher was born, I recall that I did not care for one minute what his sex was.  I just wanted HIM!  Little did I know that in a far away place, in a completely different culture, in a land that I could not even fathom, my daughter had also just arrived.  What a wild trajectory to consider.  While Asher was our biggest surprise, he was always wanted, was so very welcomed by our loved ones, and the perfect gift.  We were blessed with him at just the right time.  Asher never wanted for being held, loved, and cuddled.  The thoughts creep in for me…was she held much?  Who went to her when she cried?  How was she soothed?  Was she soothed?  As a mental health professional and educator, I know first hand the importance of these early connections and attachments.  As a daughter of Christ, I also know grace, mercy, and redemption.  He makes all things new.

I cannot help but wonder what J’s birth mom felt about her pregnancy and birth.  Was she scared?  Excited?  Hopeful?  I will never know.  What I do know is that she chose life for her baby in a world so radically different from my own, that I cannot even compare the two.  While we were on the “5 year plan” prior to the Asher surprise, I never for one minute had to consider the implications that she did.  We were fully committed to one another, living in a country with amazing medical care, we both held advanced degrees, and had excellent support systems.  My choice was so easy, especially considering all that J’s birth mother had to consider. I am forever grateful for her choice….a choice that will make a difference for eternity.

After 9-10 months of preparation, another pregnancy of sorts (ha!), we received word today that we are meeting our daughter on October 28!  On October 27, we will meet with ICBF to learn more about her care.  We will arrive a few days prior to this to acclimate and adjust to the new culture.  Tonight, we purchased 5 plane tickets, and I feel like we hold the whole world in our hands with them.  You cannot imagine the joy in our hearts as we realize that this dream, this passion, this amazing gift, is coming to us so very soon.  Our adoption has been part of our “plan” since the beginning…even while we were dating.  Adoption was never a back up choice.

We are so excited to celebrate our sweet girl’s birthday with her on November 11…she turns 7!  Can you imagine–your FIRST birthday with your FAMILY.  We want to celebrate every birthday that we didn’t get a chance to at some point.  And if you know me, you know I love to plan a party 😉  If you would like to send along a small gift for her, please let me know.  We have a couple of items to give her already.  🙂

Please continue to pray for her sweet heart as she learns more about our family in the upcoming days.  Also, for our boys who are so flipping excited that they cannot even.  Ha!  Also, pray for God’s provision as we gather our final finances.

THIS IS FOR REAL HAPPENING.  I will so not be sleeping tonight.  ❤


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