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Show Hope grant & Kickball update

Fundraising Thermometer-We are about 75% funded-this is our last quarter!



showhopeGood morning!

We have great fundraising news.  First, our kickball tournament was so much fun and we raised over $800 while doing it!  This money will go directly to our matching grant opportunity through Lifesong for Orphans.  Unfortunately, we had 2 injuries that day-Kevin’s friend Trevor injured his finger (“mallet finger”) and Kevin’s dad tore his ACL!  We took kickball very, very seriously apparently!  Well wishes to both of these men!  I think we are all still a little sore from that day-ha!

And now, for the next piece….we applied for a Show Hope grant a couple of months ago-it was a really lengthy process!  However, the average grant amount is $4,000, so I knew this was a grant we had to apply for.  We also knew that we wouldn’t be able to find out about the status of this grant for a minimum of 90 days past the review date of June 30.  You can imagine my surprise when I received a letter from Show Hope in the mail yesterday.  I assumed it was a rejection letter since it had only been 14 days since our materials were reviewed.  Friends, we were approved for a grant of $7,000!  It was one of those jaw dropping, speechless moments.  The boys were with me when I opened it, and Asher said, “What’s going on?  Are we going to get J_____ today?”  🙂

We are so very thankful and that doesn’t even begin to describe our feelings on this generous grant that makes us feel that the adoption is now definitely within our fundraising capabilities.  This adoption has been such an exercise in faith, and trust in God.  It is very stressful to look at the large sum of needed funds and wonder where it is going to come from.  However, agencies like Show Hope ease so much of the burden and give renewed hope to adoptive families.

Because of the amazing grants we have received, and the fundraising efforts that those who love us so much have contributed to, we are fairly certain that we will be able to be done fundraising after our next 2 scheduled fundraisers!  The first is this Saturday at Cherry Berry in Springfield IL where we have the opportunity to earn up to 20% of the sales from 12-6pm.  Our last fundraiser will be August 23 with our Both Hands Project in Springfield IL.  I will be writing a blog post soon that outlines the details of the Both Hands project, which is seriously James 1:27 come to life.

I wish we had an update from Colombia to share.  We have not heard anything new though.  We know that Colombia has our responses to their questions and that ICBF is reviewing them.  We are praying for response soon-we don’t want J_____ to spend one more birthday in an orphanage.


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