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Auction & Katelyn’s Fund Grant Update

Fundraising Thermometer-We are about 75% funded-this is our last quarter!




We just finished an amazingly wonderful auction that surpassed our fundraising goal for the event. We don’t have a firm final total raised yet, but I feel relatively confident in saying that it is at least $1400 (which was more that I thought and may have said to a few people who asked right away-remember, math is not my strong suit)! What a blessing! I am working on getting things shipped and delivered to where they belong this week; many of the items are not in my possession, but in the hands of dear friends, literally across the country who are working to accommodate the winners. 🙂

If you recall, a couple of weeks ago, we have a late night Skype interview with an agency called Katelyn’s Fund for an adoption grant. We thought it went well, but we also know that there are many, many deserving families out there, all seeking kids that desperately need families. Today, we received an email that we have indeed received a grant from them! We are so delighted!  We feel so encouraged that this agency, these strangers, feel that we would be fitting parents to J___  and wanted to ease our burden!  $3,000 off of our expenses just like that!

I am continually reminded of Psalm 50. Whenever I get worried or stressed out about an upcoming fundraiser or what we still need to come up with, I have been reminded that my Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills….



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