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Featured Contributor: Ashley Stiger with ‘Do It Up Hair Design

Fundraising Thermometer-We are about 75% funded-this is our last quarter!




Today’s featured contributor to our upcoming auction fundraiser is Ashley Stiger with “Do It Up Hair Design!  Ashley is a talented hair stylist who serves clients in the greater Peoria area.  Her salon is located in Metamora, IL.  Ashley has graciously donated a haircut, shampoo and style to our auction!  Ashley does great work.  If I lived in the Peoria area, she would be my go to girl.  🙂  Ashley gave me a lovely cut and color before my father’s funeral (and you don’t trust that to just anyone)!  Not only is Ashley a super stylist, she is someone who is equally passionate about adoption!  Ashley, thank you for your heart for kids from hard places!  Please visit and “like” Ashley’s salon page on Facebook (and check out all the cute styles, products and more):


Reminder:  The auction will run for 48 hours on Facebook (July 1-3).  A starting bid will be provided, and further bids will simply be made by commenting on the item’s picture-simple!  Items will be shipped by me from Sherman IL.  Payment will go directly to our Lifesong for Orphans matching grant account.  Lifesong does NOT keep a portion of any sales!  100% of the proceeds from this event will go directly to the adoption.  We will have a PayPal button specifically for the Lifesong account.


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