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Fundraising Thermometer-We are about 75% funded-this is our last quarter!




Say what!  (Perfect photo right-dog head tilt).  We found out today that we are receiving TWO grants!  One is a Lifesong matching grant of $1500 (so if we raise $1500, they match that meaning $3000 total)!  The deadline to raise $1500 is August 4, 2014.  I will include more details on this soon.  The other, and this is super cool, is that we are able to complete a Both Hands Project.  Both Hands is a foundation that serves not only the orphan, but also the widow (James 1: 27).  We will assemble a team of people, who are passionate about the needs of others, particularly orphans and widows, and we will do a 1 day project at the widow’s home.  We found out that we get to choose the widow and it will be someone from our community who could not otherwise perform or afford these repairs herself.  We are thrilled to serve someone in this capacity.  100% of the construction materials for the project will be donated.  All donations to our team (each member of our team will (hopefully) send sponsorship letters for that day of work) for the work go straight to our adoption.  The amount of money raised for the Both Hands project is hard to estimate, but could be tremendous!  We are thrilled!

We also just got a small update on our dossier, “They (ICBF) consulted with our in country team to verify their support in your family’s pursuance of J______, and of course they were happy to share your preparedness and their support.”  We are so happy to see this-the ball is rolling!  It is NOT an official referral, but man that sounds positive!

Don’t forget about our upcoming kickball tournament and our Facebook auction in July! 

I also want to give a shout out to our Facebook Auctions donators! I am going to do a post dedicated to this specifically this weekend.

Thank you everyone for following our journey!


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