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Where we are at

Fundraising Thermometer-We are about 75% funded-this is our last quarter!



It’s been 2 months since my last update, and one is definitely needed!

We have fulfilled all that we can do at this point.  All of our dossier materials have been secured, notarized and sent to our adoption agency.  This was no small task given the nature and number of my jobs, which all had to be carefully documented, as well as our medical histories and other necessary information.  Our caseworker and the psychologist are still reworking parts of the psychological evaluation to best fit Colombia’s standards for that.  We know that our immigration paperwork is being processed, and we are awaiting our immigration caseworker assignment.  This process can take a couple of months, but can sometimes go more swiftly if you get a friendly worker who knows you are pursuing a waiting child.  We will be getting an appointment for FBI fingerprinting and clearances from immigration (hopefully soon).  The dossier must be translated into Spanish before it goes to Colombia, so that will be another waiting piece as well.  Once the dossier is in Colombia, it is reviewed and usually within 1-4 months, a decision is made, or a question is asked.  We are hoping for no questions, as the questions also prolong the waiting. 

   Sweet Miss J was recently transferred to a private orphanage.  This is great news!  Better care!  We’re told that she’s done well with the translation and we were asked if we were willing to pay an out of pocket fee for an updated neuropsychological on her.  We winced at the potential cost, but we believe it would be helpful to her and her caregivers.  What a relief to discover that the cost of this was $150!  That type of exam here in the US would be thousands of dollars.  We can’t wait to get the results from that!

    We have been applying for grants lately.  So far we have applied with Lifesong for Orphans and also AdoptTogether.  We have many more to pursue!  We currently have a live profile with AdoptTogether, which will allow tax exempt donations to be made to our adoption-woo hoo!  Here is the link for that if you feel so inclined:  https://www.adopttogether.org/ericksonfamilylove

    We are thankful to say that we believe most of our legal costs have been covered-what fabulous news!  Thank you so much to our friends and family who’ve shared our story, hosted fundraising parties (especially you, Ashley Wade!), sold our adoption store items and so much more!  We’ve also been able to sell a great deal of items on eBay.  We still have more to raise, and we have some unique ideas for the near future.  Our fundraising efforts will now be focused on our in country fees for when we travel to Colombia.  This is an expensive portion of the process, costing almost as much as the legal fees themselves!  Since we have to stay in Colombia for 3-7 weeks, it is easy to see why is becomes so costly.  Both our boys will be going with us.  We were hopeful for summer travel, but it appears that we will not be able to travel until fall.  I will actually have to un-enroll Asher from school and fill out a homeschooling form because of how many days he would miss consecutively.  We cannot wait to show our children the Colombian culture.  What a great learning experience!

    Until the next time….Image


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