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The family tree

Here we go. We have already had so many people bless us so far with donations and we have a tree starting to take shape. So far we have had 7 people fill our tree with leaves, 3 people give our tree shape with branches, 2 people give our tree size with a trunk and 4 people give our tree a strong foundation with roots.
Have you ever thought about what makes a family? You can definitely say parents, siblings, children and anyone else connected through these means (aunts, uncles, cousins). At the same time how often have you heard the expression how the above are my relatives but _________ (fill in the blank) are my family. This type of definition comes from that feeling because a person means so much to us we link ourselves to them and we call them family. In the Bible the word used for this is ‘storge,’ and is a love between kinsman or those people we link ourselves to AKA: family.

With that being said, are you willing to link yourself to a child who currently does not have a family? Are you willing to give this child’s family a shape, or make this family tall, give the child’s family a strong foundation, or cover the child’s family with warmth? We are hoping to have at least 50 people give their prints (cards to put your fingerprint will be sent to you) to cover our child’s family tree with leaves for $5 each, 15 people to give this child’s family tree shape by donating $10 for a branch, 15 people to make our child’s tree strong and tall by donating $20 for the trunk and 10 people willing to make our child’s family tree one that can’t be knocked over by giving this tree strong/deep roots by donating $50. Anyone who donates by sponsoring a root, trunk or branch will have their name written into the tree.
As prayer is the backbone to any family, anyone willing to commit to praying for this child and this adoption will have their name written onto the backbone which on canvas is the frame.

This project is dedicated to support raising for the first of our many goals for the adoption. We want to be HOME STUDY READY. Once we have reached this critical step we will be able to partner with groups like Lifesong for Orphans for other sources of funding. Any extra raised, we can also officially apply to the part of our program where our dossier can begin. Will you prayerfully consider joining with us to provide hope and family to the fatherless?



Hope Filled

ImageUpdates, updates, updates!

We have been very encouraged by many friends family over the last few weeks as we have been working on getting things ready for our home study and preparing for our next step with Adoption by Shepherd Care (Colombian Processing Fee).  Several loved ones have already contributed to our Love Makes a Family Tree piece and others have shared words of encouragement and affirmation.  It is so nice to see and hear these things!

If you know anything about Kevin, you know he has a skill set in most things related to construction (example, our house).  Kevin was able to do a project this weekend for a family who needed some home improvements.  The family knew that we were not intending to profit off of the work he completed; all of it would be going into our adoption expense account.  They generously reimbursed him for his work at their home.  Additionally, Kevin’s brother Chris donated a whole day of work to help Kevin at this home, for free.  Chris helped Kevin to finish the project in one weekend!  (Thank you, brother)!  I asked Kevin if the work was tolerable…he said, “For Selah, it was.”  

Today, we received a precious, precious letter, card and donation from a lovely woman who we have never even met (in person).  She shared with us her story….one that was so encouraging and hope-filled that it moved me to tears as I read it.  Decades ago, she was a very young birth mother and she chose to place her sweet baby for adoption.  Now, it appears her life has really come full circle as she is supporting others who seek to provide a family for those who are in need of one.  Friends, isn’t this the kind of life that Jesus calls us to when we identify ourselves as followers of Him?  When we have a little, we share it.  When we are faithful with a little, we can be trusted with so much more (Luke 16:10).  What a blessing it was to receive this today and I pray that she knows the impact that she has already had on us AND on a sweet face waiting for us in Colombia.  

Coming up soon….a sneak peak of the Family Tree!


For those not on Facebook-Love Makes a Family Tree

Would you like to make a lasting impact on the life of the child seeking a forever family? We invite you to be a part of our child’s family tree! This isn’t your traditional family tree; this tree incorporate a philosophy that we are passionate about. I’m sure you have heard of the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Sometimes it takes a village to bring a child home and into a loving family.

We will be creating a family tree on canvas for our new, adopted child. On this tree, the trunk, branches and leaves will be made of people who are committed to seeing that this child will have a forever family. For $5, you can purchase a leaf for the tree. This leaf is actually YOUR fingerprint! If you would like to purchase a branch of the tree, that is possible ($10). Another option is to purchase the grass surrounding the tree ($15). You can also be a part of the tree’s trunk ($20). Finally, if you would like to be a part of the tree’s roots, you have that opportunity as well ($50). For the tree parts other than the leaves, your family name will be sketched onto those parts.

Additionally, if you cannot commit financially at this time, we will have more opportunities throughout the process of the adoption. We also want you to know that we covet prayers. If you would commit to being faithful to praying for our child regularly, we would love to add your name to the back of this art. After all, prayer is the backbone of this endeavor and we cannot wait to share the prayers of the faithful with our new blessing.

One fun suggestion that we have is to purchase a branch for your family, and then each family member could have a leaf on that branch! We cannot wait to hang this art in our child’s room. What an expression of love this will be!

If you purchase a leaf, you will be given special paper to make your fingerprint on. You can use a Crayola washable marker for the ink in ANY color that you choose. Then you will return this to us to add to the canvas. For the other tree parts, we will add you or your family to the canvas.

We are excited to begin this beautiful piece. Upon receipt of your donation, we are dedicated to adding you to the tree within one week.

Payments can be made by check, cash or paypal. Checks can be made out to Kevin or Lora EricksonImage

“I hated my birthday because that meant one more year had gone by and no one wanted me.”

This is a quote from a child who was waiting in Colombia.  Praise God that is waits no more and now has a forever family.  However, 9000 more are still waiting for someone to celebrate their birthday with!

On Thursday AM, we had our Colombian orientation and it went very well.  We left the conference call feeling more energized than ever to pursue this.  The caseworker that we spoke to has also adopted from Colombia and she had many wonderful things to share with us. 

We have 3 agencies that we are contacting on Monday to begin our home study; we will be determining which is the best fit for our family.  This is an important and time consuming piece to the adoption. 

ImageKevin and I have developed our first fundraiser for our adoption!  Do you love coffee?  I think many of you do!  We have an account set up at Just Love Coffee and they are a fabulous organization that allows for the sales of their coffee products to directly benefit adoptive families!  You drink your coffee and we are one step closer to providing a forever family to a sweet little face in Colombia!

Go here to browse our store front at Just Love Coffee!

Caring for the least

Caring for the least

Our desire is not to find the perfect child….our desire to to provide a loving family to someone who otherwise does not have one.